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Qazaq (قزاق )

Qazak - قزاق  commonly known as Kazak in the western world, is a Caucasus rug by its design and pattern. The carpets coming from the Caucasus are of a simple nature, whereby the antique models have a higher quality than the modern ones. The reason for this is the material used. Whereas carpets in this region are still knotted from hand-spun wool treated with natural colours called vegetable dyed, however, today industrial spun wool is not uncommon.

A decisive date in Caucasian rug production is the year 1925. The rugs produced before this date can be divided into five groups: Dagestan, Qazaq (Kazak), Karabakh, Cuban and Shirvan rugs. In their patterns and related formal language, they resemble Persian-produced rugs. There are also other, but less well-known variations of Caucasian rugs. 

Geometric-rectilinear forms are associated with playful elements. There are also reduced patterns from the animal world. While antique rugs from the Caucasus have a very good reputation, modern rugs are slowly regaining popularity. Especially the light blue tones of many Caucasian rugs are appreciated again